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Why Notes?

I am super forgetful, very disorganized, a bit silly, a bit shy and bold at the same time. I tend to think lopsided towards the reverse of positive. I worry over things rather then do things. This makes me a huge procrastinator with a speed slower then a turtle’s when it comes to trying new things or achieving goals on my list.

I like to write aimlessly with no efforts on grammar or spelling to express my feelings freely in a diary. It feels healing and gives me an opportunity to see the growth in me. It served as a record for my experiences and a outlet to vent and de-stress my emotions. However, when I reread my diary, it didn’t make me feel very good. This made me realize I rarely wrote about the good things. I know good things do happened in my life, I just couldn’t recall them.

So I aimed to change my focus and the best way to remember the good things was to write them down. My records ended up in different haphazard notebooks, small scraps of paper, gum wrappers, tissue paper, envelopes, hands, and etc. What a mess! I could find a pair of matching socks faster then I could recall the records for an uplift. For my second attempt, I carried a little dedicated book in my bag. I forgot where I put the book :P.  Now on my third attempt, a blog to keep everything in one place and have you, the patient loving audience, to keep me motivated and accountable for meeting my goals. They say the third times a charm along with some persistence.

You may think, “Wow, that’s a lot of negativity for a blog that aims at being positive”, but I think knowing one’s weaknesses is the beginning of positive change. The point is not to focus on them but to change them. And FYI, in case you see any disconnected writing or thoughts that made you go “huh???”,  English is my second language, that’s my excuse :). Perhaps, as time passes by, writing blog posts will improve my English, double win for me :).

For me

  • First & Most Important Goal: Transforming negative thinking into positive thinking while cultivating a healthy mind, body and spirit (My logo is always visible on the blog as a reminder to always focus on the positives)
  • Second Goal: One place to record and organize all positive influences for quick access to encouragements
  • Third Goal: Accomplishing and tracking goals in the most relaxed manner while having fun (Make it a game of CHALLENGE & SOLUTIONS)

For my visitors

I believe, if we allow it, we can all learn from everyone and everything around us. I hope by sharing my efforts and process of change will motivate and inspire some of you to do some positive changes yourself or perhaps to keep a record of your own personal inspirations. For the least, bring a hint of encouragement or light a smile on your face with my naivety and silliness.

In brief

Above all things I want this to be a  fun and stress-free creative space.  Since these blog entries are very personal I don’t expect everyone to understand or agree with me.  I am not a professional writer or here to give advice. I am simply a forgetful person who wants change and act on transforming myself, discovering myself and finding peace within myself by recording what inspires me and what I enjoy most.

Let the journey begin…

I will take baby steps. Since slow and steady he does manage to finish the race which is what matters the most :). This blog will be a piece of heaven for me to play with and a dream space for you to wander and explore. I hope you will find this space as enjoyable as I do.  I want to be inspired by you, please share your constructive thoughts and positive inspirations with me. Being positive is what this blog is all about.

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