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When there are no solutions, you create a solution: The birth of my “Gutsy Sock Bun”

June 11th, 2013 § 0 comments § permalink

Bun donut

Donut: A spongy ring that helps you make a bun, aka DIY sock donut made with socks.

I’d like to share something silly with you. Like most girls/women I fell in love with the “sock bun” the moment I saw it in a Japanese/Korean magazines. It looks so romantic and cute… Ok, why is it such a big deal for me? Other people can just grab a sock and make a bun, easy job! But for me, my mother gave me extra tough and bossy hair. Armed with all sorts of hair pins and gadgets I used all my force to tame the wild beast into place but my hair just slipped and slide effortlessly from my grasp like slippery stiff noodles. I made a DIY sock donut, bought a donut, ate a donut, and still it didn’t work. My sock bun became a big poofy mess, not to be mistaken with a messy bun, it fell apart with the slightest move of my head. Why…why me, why is it so complicated? Why can’t I do what others can do easily? I deserve a simple sock bun!!! Do I have to put massive products in my hair for this to work? I hate hair products. I am lazy. I just want an easy breezy hair bun, that’s all. I’m not asking for too much, am I!!?? I was pretty upset at the whole thing.


Before creating a Gutsy Sock Bun. Top: Other’s sock buns. VS  Bottom: My sock buns.

After all the failures, I was tired and frustrated. I think my arms got a little slimmer from fighting with my hair, 😀 I wish. My hair is a monster! Then I said to myself, “I will not be defeated!!! Arhhhhh!!!”, “If only I had more hands, like…like an octopus with infinite tentacles, they could help me push my hair in place. Then making a bun would be as easy as pie.” I cranked the juice and thought of ways I could achieve this. With my eyebrows pinched together I concentrated, “Sock bun, sock bun, sock bun….tentacles…Buddha with infinite hands…maybe pipes…a hoe…tube…”, and then, “Sock….sock…sock tube!!!” Epiphany hit me, “Why not use a sock? Who says the sock has to be the donut? It’s a soft bendable tube (a circular hand), it’s the perfect infinite hand.” After trying my idea, it worked better then I expected. In fact it works for any type of bun, side bun, top bun, low bun, any bun you can name. It’s a sock bun turbo charged, you can make a bun blind folded in half the time you would on a sock bun and it would turn out perfect! I was so excited I made my first video hair tutorial to share it with everyone. Any type of soft tube would work for this Gutsy bun, for example, I made a fat side bun with a fingerless glove for fun. Try this tough and brave (Gutsy) bun against your disobedient hair, you won’t regret it.

Doodle, June 2013: "Gutsy bun" master plan, me a genius ^_^

June 2013: “Gutsy sock bun” master plan, me a genius ^_^. My modesty went out the window. As you can see, I am super happy with the results.

Remember: “Where there’s a will there’s a way.” So, don’t give up, keep at it, you will solve whatever that is troubling you, very soon. All this talking about buns is making me hungry…and thanks for enduring my rant if you’ve reached this far down the article ^_^. Gutsy sock bun: an alternative sock bun

Gutsy side bun: An alternative side bun

I look so serious, it’s my first time doing a video tutorial.


Maximize Your Potentials

August 16th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

Doodle of what I've been neglecting

My doodle of the day: What have I been neglecting?

Don’t waste your youth, your talent, your health, and your possessions. Whatever belongs to you don’t let it sit in cobwebs. Maximize it to it’s fullness in potentials. Enjoy and treasure what you have.


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