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Messy House,Frugal Hoarding: 2021 Declutter Challenge

August 27th, 2021 § 0 comments § permalink

Declutter Journey

I was so motivated by my 7 day no sit declutter challenge I continued to do it for a whole month. However I was super exhausted mentally I had to take a break from the videos. I was not able to organize them and look at them to make any sense for you. But now after about a year later, I can see it with a different perspective. I am less judgemental and less emotional about the things that I cleaned in the month.

Presenting Decluttering Videos One Year Latter

My mind was a mess when I tried to process all the things I had accumulated over the years. Cleaning was the only thing I could manage. I didn’t want to stop the momentum. I concentrated on cleaning and filming, not knowing if I would show these to people. After watching them again. I realized I was a lot more comfortable with my mess. I could acknowledge them and was less fearful of people judging me. I could suddenly sometime just clean. Before the challenge I always just got very frustrated and stopped before I even began. It was a refreshing feeling to be able to take some action to change my current state of dissatisfaction with my life. So I want to share this with those of you who struggle through similar situations.

Look out for my Video progress Here

Messy House,Frugal Hoarding: 2020 Declutter Challenge

February 9th, 2020 § 0 comments § permalink

Messy house is Out of Control

I am sick of my messy clutter. I have way too much useless things like collections of old receipts, old bills, paper boxes, plastic bags, old packaging, old advertisements and lots of old clothes I’ve had since childhood that are taking up all my free space. I want to force myself to do a 7 day, no sit  declutter challenge to see if I can handle the stress of cleaning since there is an weird emotional attachment to these useless things. I don’t see lots of people talking about these types of hoarded items. I would think maybe there are people like me out there? Maybe this will help me and them get started?

Goal for Decluttering

I will clean for 7 days, everyday, after dinner. The duration does not matter. I won’t force myself to throw out anything. This is purely an exercise to get my momentum going and to see if I can last through the 7 day cleaning challenge. Hopefully this will give me some ideas and encouragement how I will organize my messy clutter and to change my hoarding habits.

Additional Cleaning Goal

In this challenge, I will also incorporate a  “Low Buy No Buy ” challenge to avoid accumulating more things in the process. I know I have more than plenty of what I need in my hoarded mess. This way if nothing comes in to the home I am not accumulating more things. If nothing comes in and I am throwing things out, eventually I hope the spaces in the home will clear up.

(Finished) 7 day Declutter Challenge

I completed the 7 day declutter challenge. Even though you hear a lot of people say, “Starting is the hardest part.” I didn’t realize how true it was because this was really emotionally difficult for me. I am so glad I did this. I was so motivated I did the declutter challenge for a whole month. Check it out. I’ll be posting more videos from the challenge there. The process was mentally exhausting I had to take a break before I could look at the videos again.

My 7 day No Sit Declutter Videos

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