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Your happiness, to your family, is a blessing

February 5th, 2017 § 0 comments § permalink

Being Asian, parent’s expectations are like big rocks crushing and squeezing you of your last breath. My parents, especially my mom, make me feel like I am never good enough. There’s always something I did wrong or I should have done better. She nearly drives me crazy.

“Your happiness, to your family, is a blessing”, I didn’t realize that all the nagging and dissatisfaction from parents was just a simple wish of happiness for me. All this hassling was only a wish for me to become a decent human, to do what’s right and to step on the smoothest path so I don’t get hurt. Being free of worries and sorrows is all they wanted for me. What a great perspective to take. Almost all arguments would melted away with this thought.

This reminder is like proper permission from parents to enjoy life. This permission is a relief from all the weight lifted off my shoulder.

~ Inspiration from
Sorry I don’t remember which drama I got this from. If I find it again. I will update.
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January 2nd, 2016 § 0 comments § permalink

~ Inspiration from
Title: The Executioner, 刀下留人 – Ep 20
Genre: Period drama, Historical fiction
Translated by:

To think with child like simplicity is my 2016 goal. I get too distracted with worries and the what ifs. What the little girl above said is so simple yet very real and strong. Plan, BELIEVE  and do!

Unavoidable Injuries

June 22nd, 2015 § 0 comments § permalink

~ Inspiration from
Title: Cuo Dian Yuan Yang, 错点鸳鸯·戏点鸳鸯 – Ep 1
Genre: Costume Drama
Translated by:

Results VS. Process

June 10th, 2015 § 0 comments § permalink

Process Vs Results~ Inspiration from
Title: Wudang Rules, 潮拜武當 – Ep 10
Genre: Modern Drama, Martial arts, Action
Translated by:

WudangRules2015TVB.jpg Although most of the things we hear or see has already been expressed one way or the other, I found this scene very potent. It’s smacked me in the face and connected the dots for me in many places. My everyday matters are slightly lighter and more enjoyable.

I was curious about the girl for her stern personality, her response to betrayal resulting in distrust and determination to make it on her own, her rough relationship with her mother, and especially her emotional flare ups. I see lot of myself in her boiling emotions. I wondered how her character would develop and grow out of it. When her Si Suk gave her a talk, I had my ears perked up, these are usually the obvious parts where wise wisdom are given by kung fu masters.

As a logical person, winning or loosing didn’t matter much, we will always win some and loose some. I am not aggressive. I do not pursue great things, career, a huge amounts of money or anything that takes a whole lot of work. I am lazy.  I don’t like to fight. I dislike conflicts.

I thought I didn’t care much about “winning”. What I didn’t realize was I actually did put a huge anchor on the things that really mattered to me. I deeply cared and felt insecure about family, friends, starting my own family and stability. I saw my stubbornness when it came to these subjects. Up to this point, no matter how hard I tried not to think this way,  I still think none of what I care about has a light at the end of the tunnel. I get confused, frustrated, question my worthiness, blame myself for being incapable of changing the situations.

I am sure most of us goes through these stages and realize not all things, lives are equal. Instead of being miserable, how do we move on from this hell? How do we make life happy and fulfilling again? I felt my questions were answer here in this scene. “Be exquisite about the process”, and , “entirely receive the joy brought to you by the process”.  It sounds so simple, beautiful and peaceful. No guilt, no shame, no disappointments, just pure concentration and focus with good intent on what you are doing. Life should be this simple.

In other words, be tedious and serious about what you’re doing but relax and enjoy what it  has to offer. DON’T FOCUS ON WINNING (succeeding). In fact everyone’s success is different. You will probably get more of what you want, more often, when you truly enjoy what you are doing. As long as you’re happy, it’s a win, win situation.

Grateful to God for this inspiration. Thank you.

Love Yourself

March 11th, 2015 § 0 comments § permalink

Reminder to love ME.
~ Inspiration from
Title: Come Home Love, 愛.回家 – Ep 722
Genre: Sitcom

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