Super Easy Crockpot Chicken Porridge/Congee (慢炖锅鸡肉粥)

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Healthy Chicken Crockpot Recipes

Chicken soup is one of the healthiest soups. When I was sick my mom would make plain congee with just rice and water for me to detox my body. When I was weak she’d make chicken soup for me to boots my immune system. Today I will show you how to make the fastest and most lazy way to make a delicious combination of both. This is one of the easiest chicken recipes that will take less than 10mins to prepare.

I love congee or porridge. One of my all-time favorites is chicken rice congee. This is one of the easiest chicken recipes, slow cooker recipes that you can cook in a crockpot. Crockpot chicken recipes are my favorite because they are so easy to make. It takes no time to prepare and no maintenance in front of a stove. All you need is chicken, rice, dried scallops ( optional), and water. Watch the video below for more details. Enjoy this crockpot chicken porridge soup on a cold day or any lazy day. You don’t have to slave all day to get a nutritious meal. What’s great about this slow cooker chicken recipe is you also get a nutritious bone soup all mixed in the batch. I hope you’ll give it a try. Enjoy.

How to Make Chicken Soup (Congee)


  • 2 cups, Rice (1 cup to 7 cups of water)
  • 14 cups Water
  • 2 Dried Scallops
  • whole chicken, chicken carcass, chicken thighs, or chicken breast ( Use whichever you have)

What to Serve With Soup

  • Diced scallion or parsley
  • Sliced ginger slivers
  • white pepper
  • Salt to taste
  • Fried donut (optional)

Messy House,Frugal Hoarding: 2020 Declutter Challenge

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In this 2020 Declutter Challenge, I want to organize my messy clutter to change my hoarding habits. I am sick of my messy clutter. I am starting a 2020 declutter challenge for myself and hope you will join me. I recently learned I have hoarding tendencies with frugal thrifty values. It will be a hard journey to discover what frugal definition and frugal meaning applies to me. I am far from letting go of all my things, this is only a scratch on the surface to let go of all the stress that is caused by clutter. I have more than plenty of what I need, in this challenge, I will join “Useless”, an influencer I’ve been watching on a “Low Buy No Buy ” challenge to avoid accumulating more things in the process. I hope you will join me on this detox journey.

I’ll post my progress here below.

Your happiness, to your family, is a blessing

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Being Asian, parent’s expectations are like big rocks crushing and squeezing you of your last breath. My parents, especially my mom, make me feel like I am never good enough. There’s always something I did wrong or I should have done better. She nearly drives me crazy.

“Your happiness, to your family, is a blessing”, I didn’t realize that all the nagging and dissatisfaction from parents was just a simple wish of happiness for me. All this hassling was only a wish for me to become a decent human, to do what’s right and to step on the smoothest path so I don’t get hurt. Being free of worries and sorrows is all they wanted for me. What a great perspective to take. Almost all arguments would melted away with this thought.

This reminder is like proper permission from parents to enjoy life. This permission is a relief from all the weight lifted off my shoulders.

~ Inspiration from
Sorry I don’t remember which drama I got this from. If I find it again. I will update.
Translated by:


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~ Inspiration from
Title: The Executioner, 刀下留人 – Ep 20
Genre: Period drama, Historical fiction
Translated by:

To think with child like simplicity is my 2016 goal. I get too distracted with worries and the what ifs. What the little girl above said is so simple yet very real and strong. Plan, BELIEVE  and do!

Unavoidable Injuries

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~ Inspiration from
Title: Cuo Dian Yuan Yang, 错点鸳鸯·戏点鸳鸯 – Ep 1
Genre: Costume Drama
Translated by:

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