Review: Skechers Girl’s Glitzy Fitz Blue/Multicolor Mary Jane Shoe, Size 2

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I went window shopping at Nordstrom and found these adorable Mary Jane. When I saw these from afar I thought they were so cute and maybe just a little too cute for an adult. I couldn’t resist and tried them on anyways. They had the same same gel padding as the sneakers, extremely comfortable.

The shoes are super flexible. It’s weaved with multicolored ribbons and glittery blue elastics. I could fit size 1, 1.5, and 2. I decided on a size 2 because it was looser and didn’t leave an mark on my foot. Size 2 had more toe space and the sole were wider and held my foot better. Size 2.5 was too big. The shoes are finely crafted and looks very slim. I especially love the bright playful colors. It reminds me of Japanese origami or a Japanese kimono. Very classy. The gel pad plus pink air sole is not only cute overload but also a dream to walk on. I’ve walked over 3 miles in these and it felt like I was stepping on a pillow. I didn’t expect them to be so comfortable to wear. This is a great addition to my closet, a splash of happiness. I love them :).

They sell for $49.95. Fortuantly for me I had a $20 coupon from Nordstrom that was expiring soon. So it this was a great deal for me. So happy!

Rain boots for the garden: Hello Kitty Ballerina rain boots in girls size 13/1

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What a joy it is to see these Hello Kitty Ballerina rain boots in girls size 13/1 at Costco. It’s been a long and tough journey in finding an affordable pair of cute and comfortable rain boots that fits my tiny feet. These boots are a perfect fit. I was never a ballerina as a little girl but I can totally see myself exploring and dancing through the garden in these boots. These youthful girly boots are super comfy and makes me all happy inside when I wear them.  I am in love these boots ^_^, especially with the polka dots and pink. They have other designs. You may want to go to Costco and check them out. I was too preoccupied with finding my size to notice what else was available. From the corner of my eye, I did however notice a man glaring at me and imagined what he might have thought, “Tiny psycho asian girl gone mad, Hello kitty shoe boxes = swimming pool?!” Oh well, I got my pretty pink rain boots. Joy, joy, joy!


Pink, Hello Kitty Ballerina rain boots in girls size 13/1 @Costco for $17.99

From the front, these boots could pull off as a pair of adorable stylish rain boots for adults. You could style them under a pair of pants covering the ballerina if you prefer.


Pink, Hello Kitty Ballerina rain boots in girls size 13/1 @Costco for $17.99


  • Bright, colorful, fun for adults and kids
    • Wear in: have fun in the garden
    • Wear out: add a splash of color on a gloomy rainy day
  • Not overly bombarded with logotype
  • Fits (adults size 4 or kids size 1) perfectly
  • Very comfortable
  • Cheap


  • Smells a bit plasticky. Most likely that will go away with use.
  • Don’t like the handles but it may come handy when storing or drying.

Tips on shopping for small shoes:

  • Always be on the lookout.
  • Keep an open mind about where you shop (kids, toddlers, juniors departments and stores), don’t be embarrassed. You’ll pay a lot less too.
  • Have fun and see the potentials in the shoes.

I fit kids size 2 shoes: Crazy 8, Crochet Espadrille

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$10.99 @ Crazy 8, Crochet Espadrille Shoe, Size 2. ~ photo is from the Crazy 8 shop.


Arrived 3 days early!

These fun crochet lace flats in aqua are from a kid’s brand, Crazy 8. The size 2 fits me perfect. I usually fit a size 4 in women’s. It’s very comfortable and cute. I love the lace look. It’s $24.99, on sale for $10.99 now, with tax it’s $11.98. If you can’t find your size in the store you can order it with free shipping to your house. It will be at your house in 5 days. I can’t wait to get mine. If you order online they will charge a shipping fee. The staff on duty was so nice, she said her friend’s feet were the same size as mine and she shops at the kid’s stores too. I felt less self conscious after hearing that since I haven’t walked into a kids store or kids section for a long time due to age. I won’t confined myself from now on. I will definitely shop at the kids store more often. It’s definitely a lot cheaper. I saw perfect fitting socks, flip flops, tights and even dresses that might fit me. Usually it takes a lot of leg work to find this stuff. Ok, maybe the dresses with bows might be over doing it 🙂

Update (6/24/2013): The size 1 was too tight at the store, but the size 2 felt too wide and the back fell off my heels during my test walk around the house. Too bad these don’t come in half sizes. I think 1.5 would be perfect. I am working on pads to see if it’d help, hate to return these, they are so cute.

Petite Shimmer Lace Dress with Belt

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I got this cute lace dress at Ann Taylor Loft in size 00P for $30.43 with tax included!!! Best of all it fits perfectly, I love it. (“fit” is usually not in my wardrobe vocabulary)

AND a bonus for me, this is my first iPhone post! I am super excited and happy to discover this convenient way to blog. I can take pictures or videos and load them directly from my phone with the WordPress App. I am tickled ^_^


Ann Taylor Loft : 00P


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