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Diy t-shirt suspender skirt (no sew)

August 1st, 2020 § 0 comments § permalink

What to do with an huge old t shirt?

If you don’t know what to do with an old t shirt here’s a cute way to cut shirts. I had lots of fun figuring out how I could make use of this huge ugly t shirt I got from working at JC Penny’s during the holidays. Upcycle old t shirts are the best way to repurpose old t shirts. I created this simple t shirt tutorial cutting and braiding the huge t shirt into a cute suspender skirt that is great for the summer season. There’s no sewing involved. Simply cut, braid and tie some knots.Diy t-shirt suspender skirt (no sew)

  1. Pick a t-shirt that is large enough to cover the length you want your suspender skirt to be. Carefully plan and draw where you will make your cuts to the t shirt. Check your measurement twice and then again, you only have one chance to maximize the fabric on the t skirt so take your time. If you have tons of t shirts sitting around then you can afford a mistake or two to get it right. I had only one huge t shirt so I made everything is exactly the way I want before I made my cuts.

Diy t-shirt suspender skirt (no sew) part1

2. Cut the two side stips in the back at the waist line so the front of the two strips are still attached to the front waistline of the skirt. Cut the two side strips into 3 thin strips. These will be the front suspenders. Cut the middle wide flap at the front waistline leaving the back flap still attached to the back waistline. this will be the back suspender. Fold the two front strips down. Fold the back middle wide flap down. Use your thumb as a guide to cut notches all around the t-shirt. The notches cut in about 1/4″. When you open it up, it should be about 1/2″.

Diy t-shirt suspender skirt (no sew) part2

3. Braid the whole circumference of the t-shirt using the chart from Tie the last notch.

Diy t-shirt suspender skirt (no sew) part3

4. When you finish braiding all the way around the t shirt, the two (3 thin stips) and the back middle flap will be downwards under the braid. Pull the braids under and up towards the top. Fold the back middle flap up. Cut the middle back flap into 6 thin strips that’s still attached to the waist line. Pull the 6 thin strips under the waistline braids.

Diy t-shirt suspender skirt (no sew) part4

5. The two (3 thin strips) in the front have a sewing connection which was at the shoulder, you can secure it by sewing it with extra thread. If it it tight then there’s no need to do this step. Sometimes cutting the shirt will loosen the connection at the shoulder.

Diy t-shirt suspender skirt (no sew) part5

6. Braid the two (3 thi strips in the front). Weave the back flap that you’ve cut into 6 thin strips.

Diy t-shirt suspender skirt (no sew) part6

7. Connect the two front suspender braid to the back flap weave to create a flower. The connection looks like a “Y”. Cut off any odd pieces when you have secured the connection.

Diy t-shirt suspender skirt (no sew) part7

Cut t shirts are super fun experiments

Cut t shirt experiments are super fun especially if you have lot of old shirts lying around. Sometimes it takes some practice to get it right. Doing upcycle and repurpose projects not only saves your clothes from going to dumping grounds and polluting our planet but is a great way to express creativity. I’d be so happy to see what you made. Share what you made with your old t shirt.

Review: Skechers Girl’s Glitzy Fitz Blue/Multicolor Mary Jane Shoe, Size 2

January 27th, 2015 § 0 comments § permalink

I went window shopping at Nordstrom and found these adorable Mary Jane. When I saw these from afar I thought they were so cute and maybe just a little too cute for an adult. I couldn’t resist and tried them on anyways. They had the same same gel padding as the sneakers, extremely comfortable.

The shoes are super flexible. It’s weaved with multicolored ribbons and glittery blue elastics. I could fit size 1, 1.5, and 2. I decided on a size 2 because it was looser and didn’t leave an mark on my foot. Size 2 had more toe space and the sole were wider and held my foot better. Size 2.5 was too big. The shoes are finely crafted and looks very slim. I especially love the bright playful colors. It reminds me of Japanese origami or a Japanese kimono. Very classy. The gel pad plus pink air sole is not only cute overload but also a dream to walk on. I’ve walked over 3 miles in these and it felt like I was stepping on a pillow. I didn’t expect them to be so comfortable to wear. This is a great addition to my closet, a splash of happiness. I love them :).

They sell for $49.95. Fortuantly for me I had a $20 coupon from Nordstrom that was expiring soon. So it this was a great deal for me. So happy!

DIY Halter top using vintage floral fabric ( Free Sewing Pattern )

April 17th, 2014 § 0 comments § permalink

Free Pattern: DIY Halter top using vintage floral fabric ( Summer top )

Easy sewing project

If you are looking for easy things to sew or things to sew for beginners here’s a easy free sewing pattern I made. You can use a scrap of stretchy fabric or even cut up fabric from an old shirt because it requires so little fabric.

I have been eyeing this pretty piece of vintage scrap fabric in my mom’s stash for a long time. The fabric has been around since the beginning of time for me. There’s not much left of it so I thought it would be great for a summer top. What I ended up with is this halter top. It requires very little fabric and is super easy to sew. It’s super comfy and stretchy, unfortunately I don’t know what type of material it is. You could use any stretchy material and it would work the same.

How to customize free sewing pattern

The image below shows you how to make your measurements and how to draw the fabric pieces to make your custom halter top pattern.

Free Pattern: DIY Halter top using vintage floral fabric ( Summer top )Materials

  • Front piece (cut 1) = A (width) x E (height)
  • Back piece (cut 1) = B (width) x E (height)
  • 1 Strap (cut 2) = A (width) x C height (height)
  • Add hem according to color chart above.

Free Pattern: DIY Halter top using vintage floral fabric ( Summer top )Directions

  1. Hem the top of the Front and Back pieces by folding 1/4″ then 1/2″ and sew.
  2. Fold the 2 strap pieces in half and sew on the wrong side. Turn the pattern side out.
  3. Place straps on top of the Front and Back pieces and sew together.
  4. Face pattern sides together and sew the straps together.
  5. Hem the bottom of the garment like #1.

DIY Fix: Stop pants from mopping the floor

November 26th, 2013 § 0 comments § permalink

1) Find the seams on both pant leg and cut them open. After seams are open you can poke your scissors through the hole.
2) Loosely wrap elastic around leg. Add enough to tie a double knot. Cut two pieces the same length.

      3) Using a safety-pin thread the elastic through the hole. Make sure the tail end of the elastic stays outside the hole. Pull elastic out, remove safety-pin and tie the elastic. Stuff the knot inside the hole.


      4) Sew the hole together with same color thread, tie knot when finished and cut off excess thread. Repeat all steps for the other pant leg.



Rain boots for the garden: Hello Kitty Ballerina rain boots in girls size 13/1

September 6th, 2013 § 0 comments § permalink

What a joy it is to see these Hello Kitty Ballerina rain boots in girls size 13/1 at Costco. It’s been a long and tough journey in finding an affordable pair of cute and comfortable rain boots that fits my tiny feet. These boots are a perfect fit. I was never a ballerina as a little girl but I can totally see myself exploring and dancing through the garden in these boots. These youthful girly boots are super comfy and makes me all happy inside when I wear them.  I am in love these boots ^_^, especially with the polka dots and pink. They have other designs. You may want to go to Costco and check them out. I was too preoccupied with finding my size to notice what else was available. From the corner of my eye, I did however notice a man glaring at me and imagined what he might have thought, “Tiny psycho asian girl gone mad, Hello kitty shoe boxes = swimming pool?!” Oh well, I got my pretty pink rain boots. Joy, joy, joy!


Pink, Hello Kitty Ballerina rain boots in girls size 13/1 @Costco for $17.99

From the front, these boots could pull off as a pair of adorable stylish rain boots for adults. You could style them under a pair of pants covering the ballerina if you prefer.


Pink, Hello Kitty Ballerina rain boots in girls size 13/1 @Costco for $17.99


  • Bright, colorful, fun for adults and kids
    • Wear in: have fun in the garden
    • Wear out: add a splash of color on a gloomy rainy day
  • Not overly bombarded with logotype
  • Fits (adults size 4 or kids size 1) perfectly
  • Very comfortable
  • Cheap


  • Smells a bit plasticky. Most likely that will go away with use.
  • Don’t like the handles but it may come handy when storing or drying.

Tips on shopping for small shoes:

  • Always be on the lookout.
  • Keep an open mind about where you shop (kids, toddlers, juniors departments and stores), don’t be embarrassed. You’ll pay a lot less too.
  • Have fun and see the potentials in the shoes.

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