Access Fresh Coconut Juice with just a Straw

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I wanted to share a small bit of happiness with you that made my day. I learned a super helpful tip from my mom. If you love coconut juice you will love this method, it requires very little effort. Bonus tip at the end. A little violent but very easy to open the coconut to access the coconut meat.  Hope you will find the tips useful.

Your happiness, to your family, is a blessing

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Being Asian, parent’s expectations are like big rocks crushing and squeezing you of your last breath. My parents, especially my mom, make me feel like I am never good enough. There’s always something I did wrong or I should have done better. She nearly drives me crazy.

“Your happiness, to your family, is a blessing”, I didn’t realize that all the nagging and dissatisfaction from parents was just a simple wish of happiness for me. All this hassling was only a wish for me to become a decent human, to do what’s right and to step on the smoothest path so I don’t get hurt. Being free of worries and sorrows is all they wanted for me. What a great perspective to take. Almost all arguments would melted away with this thought.

This reminder is like proper permission from parents to enjoy life. This permission is a relief from all the weight lifted off my shoulders.

~ Inspiration from
Sorry I don’t remember which drama I got this from. If I find it again. I will update.
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Easy Braids Inspired by Chinese Dramas

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In this easy braids hairstyle tutorial I will show you how to braid a pair of cute braids inspired by Chinese dramas. Braiding hair this way creates two braids that are both traditional and trendy at the same time. These braids could be styled in retro, modern, or cosplay hairstyles. There’s endless possibilities. I had fun with this hair challenge. I hope you will have fun experimenting! These braids are perfect for Chinese New Year!


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~ Inspiration from
Title: The Executioner, 刀下留人 – Ep 20
Genre: Period drama, Historical fiction
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To think with child like simplicity is my 2016 goal. I get too distracted with worries and the what ifs. What the little girl above said is so simple yet very real and strong. Plan, BELIEVE  and do!

Unavoidable Injuries

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~ Inspiration from
Title: Cuo Dian Yuan Yang, 错点鸳鸯·戏点鸳鸯 – Ep 1
Genre: Costume Drama
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