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My tips for newbies on watermarking images with WordPress Plugin: Image Watermark

May 17th, 2013 § 0 comments § permalink

I did a quick search and decided to use the Image Watermark plugin. For those who are new to watermarking images like me, I’ll give some quick tip to avoid the mistakes I made. You can use other plugins if you’d like. Image Watermark is just what I used. In general the tips should still apply.


  • Go directly into your WordPress Dashboard.
    • Click on ‘Plugins’ > Add New > enter ‘Image Watermark’ in the search field > click search button > click ‘Install’ button next to the Image Watermark Plugin
  • Create your watermark:
    • In an image editor, create different versions of your watermark with a transparent background.
    • Versions in white for black photos, black for white photos or color for dull photos.
    • Bulkier text with letter spacing for better readability.
    • Time saver, add enough padding around your watermark image to give preset padding so you will not have to fiddle with the ‘Watermark offset’ setting each time you watermark a photo.
    • Time saver, set opacity to a lesser % and reapply for darker contrast. For example, set watermark at 30% opacity > apply, if too light > reapply, the watermark would be darker at 60% opacity.
  • Upload watermarks to your Media Library and TEST before applying to ALL your photos at once!!!

Play with the size, color, opacity and position until you like it.


Of course I could have add the watermark to each image one by one, but who could wait, first thing after I uploaded my watermark I applied it to all my photos. I am hitting myself right now…snif… I have to go back and redo all my photos again 🙁

Although it’s very tempting and logical to apply your watermark to all your photo at once. It would be wise to test the size, color, opacity and position on a few throwaway images first to find the right setting before applying it to every photo. There’s no preview before you apply your watermark. Once you’ve applied it you can not remove it! You’ll have start the process of uploading ALL the photo on your blog (assuming you still have them) and watermark each photo again.

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