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A bun with a gut: An alternative DIY sock bun for stubborn hair ( perfect bun every time )

June 5th, 2013 § 0 comments

No, I am not going to talk about fat or a belly but a new technique for making a sock bun. For those of you, like me, who have tried every possible way to get the look of a sock bun without success. I have just the solution for you. My obsession with sock buns gave birth to what I call a “Gutsy Sock Bun”. It’s easier and faster then the regular sock bun. It gives me consistent perfect results. I designed it to handle my disobedient THICK, STIFF, LAYERED and SHORT hair. Yes pun is intended, the SOCK not the sock donut, is key to the success of this bun. The sock (tube or gut) acts like infinite pairs of hands that helps you hold all your stray hair in place so you can make a perfect bun with ease. No more fighting with flyaways. Your layers or unmanageable hair will conform smoothly to the shape of this tough gut (aka, the sock).



(always use what you have first before you go and buy anything, that’s my motto)


  • Scissors
  • A sock
  • A mesh donut or a DIY sock donut
  • Rubber bands
  • Comb


Cut a 1″-2″ hole at the toe of the sock and your ready to start !

Tips to help you create your Gutsy Sock Bun:

  1. Your hair tie should hold your hair firmly in place to ensure a tighter bun.
  2. The sock should be firm but stretchy. It should hold your hair and donut snugly in place so no loose hair will fall out.
  3. The donut’s hole should fit snugly onto your pony tail. This will help the sock stay centered and help the hair distribute evenly around to cover the sock.
  • Hair Ties: (I used 4 ties to make it stronger because I have a lot of stiff hair.)Regular elastics works fine for softer hair. It was not tight enough for me and took some hair out.Best choice are the shinny rubber elastic. The grip is good, no hair will fall out and it won’t make your scalp hurt at the end of the day.
    • Use more hair ties, if needed.


  • Sock: (my old cotton socks worked)Color: Ideally should match your hair so if any sock shows through it would be camouflaged. If you don’t have socks that match your hair, you can use a matching piece of stretchy fabric and sew a tube or gut. It will work the same.
    • Texture: Try a thicker socks for a fuller bun or a thinner sock for a smaller bun. Try stockings, cotton socks, fuzzy socks etc…One texture might work better then others on your hair.
    • Elasticity: You want the socks to have good elasticity and firm control so it will hold the bun and hair snuggly in place.
    • Length:
      • For short and medium length hair: If socks are a lot longer then your hair, cut the sock length leaving enough excess to cover your hair and the donut when folded over.
      • Long hair: If socks are shorter then your hair you don’t need a long sock, just pull the sock up to the top and fold over your hair and the donut.
    • Holes size: Cut a smaller hole at the beginning. It will stretch when you pull on it. If the hole is too big it’s ok, it just won’t hide as easily.
Donuts in different sizes and colors

Mesh donuts come in light beige, brown, dark brown and black in different sizes


  • DIY sock donut VS store bought donut: (store bought for me)
    • DIY sock donut:
      • Are easy to make at home with old socks. If you have slick hair like mine it won’t work as well.
      • It does not have as much stretch as the store bought one. With an extra sock inside your pony tail you’ll need more give from the donut.
    • Store bought mesh donut :
      • Has more stretch, grip and texture for a better hold.
      • You can find the donuts in blond, brown, or black in different sizes at H&M for $3.95, Claire’s for $5.99-$6.99. I bought mine in Japan town for about $2.00.
      • There’s also always endless options on Amazon.


Why doesn’t my hair cover the sock?

When you flip your hair over the donut, make sure you spread your hair evenly over the donut. Make sure your sock is centered and slide the donut up SLOWLY. This will ensure even distribution of hair around the sock. Another way is to use a sock in the same color as your hair which will eliminate the flaws quickly.

How did you come up with this idea?

Read: When there are no solutions, you create a solution: The birth of my “Gutsy Sock Bun”

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