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Messy House,Frugal Hoarding: 2021 Declutter Challenge

August 27th, 2021 § 0 comments

Declutter Journey

I was so motivated by my 7 day no sit declutter challenge I continued to do it for a whole month. However I was super exhausted mentally I had to take a break from the videos. I was not able to organize them and look at them to make any sense for you. But now after about a year later, I can see it with a different perspective. I am less judgemental and less emotional about the things that I cleaned in the month.

Presenting Decluttering Videos One Year Latter

My mind was a mess when I tried to process all the things I had accumulated over the years. Cleaning was the only thing I could manage. I didn’t want to stop the momentum. I concentrated on cleaning and filming, not knowing if I would show these to people. After watching them again. I realized I was a lot more comfortable with my mess. I could acknowledge them and was less fearful of people judging me. I could suddenly sometime just clean. Before the challenge I always just got very frustrated and stopped before I even began. It was a refreshing feeling to be able to take some action to change my current state of dissatisfaction with my life. So I want to share this with those of you who struggle through similar situations.

Look out for my Video progress Here

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