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Scrap Fabric challenge: DIY vintage summer top (Sewing Hacks)

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Scrap fabric challenge: DIY vintage summer top

This fabric brings wonderful memories of when I was a little girl. My mom made an adorable sailor outfit with a matching top and short. Unfortunately I misplaced the outfit. I love the color and texture of this light fabric, I am not sure what it is. It brought me through many summers without AC . It’s very youthful and happy perhaps because of the memories.

I am using a pin to make the pattern, a technique my mom came up with and taught me, for this scrap fabric top made from different pieces of cloth sewn together.  You can make a copy of clothing or anything you like with this method. To add more flavor to this top, I decided to use my mom’s old top as the model. As a little girl I loved to play “try on mom’s clothes”. I also like that it looks like a similar top I saw in a Korean fashion blog recently. This project was for fun, no rules apply, I just made it up as I go and see what comes out of it.

So play, I keep it fun and it’s just scraps anyways if you mess up. This is my first time making a complete pattern. I hope you’ll enjoy playing around with the idea.

Basic pattern components

Scrap fabric challenge: DIY vintage summer top

* Remember to add extra 1/4″ all around the edges for the seam.

Making pattern A & B

This is the easiest part. The goal is to get two pieces of fabric that will cover the front and back of the body width and lengthwise. Pattern A & B are rectangles sewn together for this need. You can get creative and use triangles, squares or any shape you want with your scraps. To make it easier, if you have more fabric, you can make two rectangles instead. Also play around with the pattern of the fabric such as using horizontal and vertical patterns in the fabric to gives it more style.

Scrap fabric challenge: DIY vintage summer top


I fit kids size 2 shoes: Crazy 8, Crochet Espadrille

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$10.99 @ Crazy 8, Crochet Espadrille Shoe, Size 2. ~ photo is from the Crazy 8 shop.


Arrived 3 days early!

These fun crochet lace flats in aqua are from a kid’s brand, Crazy 8. The size 2 fits me perfect. I usually fit a size 4 in women’s. It’s very comfortable and cute. I love the lace look. It’s $24.99, on sale for $10.99 now, with tax it’s $11.98. If you can’t find your size in the store you can order it with free shipping to your house. It will be at your house in 5 days. I can’t wait to get mine. If you order online they will charge a shipping fee. The staff on duty was so nice, she said her friend’s feet were the same size as mine and she shops at the kid’s stores too. I felt less self conscious after hearing that since I haven’t walked into a kids store or kids section for a long time due to age. I won’t confined myself from now on. I will definitely shop at the kids store more often. It’s definitely a lot cheaper. I saw perfect fitting socks, flip flops, tights and even dresses that might fit me. Usually it takes a lot of leg work to find this stuff. Ok, maybe the dresses with bows might be over doing it 🙂

Update (6/24/2013): The size 1 was too tight at the store, but the size 2 felt too wide and the back fell off my heels during my test walk around the house. Too bad these don’t come in half sizes. I think 1.5 would be perfect. I am working on pads to see if it’d help, hate to return these, they are so cute.

Petite Shimmer Lace Dress with Belt

September 13th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

I got this cute lace dress at Ann Taylor Loft in size 00P for $30.43 with tax included!!! Best of all it fits perfectly, I love it. (“fit” is usually not in my wardrobe vocabulary)

AND a bonus for me, this is my first iPhone post! I am super excited and happy to discover this convenient way to blog. I can take pictures or videos and load them directly from my phone with the WordPress App. I am tickled ^_^


Ann Taylor Loft : 00P


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