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Mind Invasion

May 25th, 2010 § 0 comments

What populates within your mind? What lives within every cell of your body? What dominants? No, I’m not talking about aliens. Although they might as well be. “They” are just as unfamiliar as sneaky enemies that lie within the deepest crevices and darkest corners ready to take action at any given opportunity. “They” are our thoughts. Our thoughts are the foundations of all realities. As we persist and insists again and again, to believe, to think what is true, becomes true to us. No doubt about it, right? Then why would we believe we are not smart enough, not thin enough, not beautiful enough, not lovable enough? Where do these insecurities come from? Is the media to blame? Are your peers to be at fault? Your parents? Who’s to blame for all this negativity?

Our thoughts can be our friends instead of our enemies that help build solid foundations to our realities. Thoughts can hurt and heal at the same time. Choose to heal yourself.  If the anticipation of fear, distress, pain and everything bad can invade our mind and world, an equal amount of energy and power is available to anticipate all that is good. Elect to activate it. At any given moment we can flip that switch from – to + . The choice is yours, focus  all your thoughts and energy on the good. For example, if you obsess about sadness, be just as obsessive about smiles. Think of all the ways you can smile, where you can smile, what you can smile about, how you can smile, and who to smile at? Act on self motivating thoughts as you would act on self destructive thoughts. Let good things and things you enjoy, plague your mind as your worse fears and nemesis. Enjoy these new thoughts instead of fearing the old thoughts. Go to war with Negativity and free your mind to Positivity. Just as you are the creator of your unhappiness you can be the creator of your happiness.

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