Results VS. Process

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Process Vs Results~ Inspiration from
Title: Wudang Rules, 潮拜武當 – Ep 10
Genre: Modern Drama, Martial arts, Action
Translated by:

WudangRules2015TVB.jpg Although most of the things we hear or see has already been expressed one way or the other, I found this scene very potent. It’s smacked me in the face and connected the dots for me in many places. My everyday matters are slightly lighter and more enjoyable.

I was curious about the girl for her stern personality, her response to betrayal resulting in distrust and determination to make it on her own, her rough relationship with her mother, and especially her emotional flare ups. I see lot of myself in her boiling emotions. I wondered how her character would develop and grow out of it. When her Si Suk gave her a talk, I had my ears perked up, these are usually the obvious parts where wise wisdom are given by kung fu masters.

As a logical person, winning or loosing didn’t matter much, we will always win some and loose some. I am not aggressive. I do not pursue great things, career, a huge amounts of money or anything that takes a whole lot of work. I am lazy.  I don’t like to fight. I dislike conflicts.

I thought I didn’t care much about “winning”. What I didn’t realize was I actually did put a huge anchor on the things that really mattered to me. I deeply cared and felt insecure about family, friends, starting my own family and stability. I saw my stubbornness when it came to these subjects. Up to this point, no matter how hard I tried not to think this way,  I still think none of what I care about has a light at the end of the tunnel. I get confused, frustrated, question my worthiness, blame myself for being incapable of changing the situations.

I am sure most of us goes through these stages and realize not all things, lives are equal. Instead of being miserable, how do we move on from this hell? How do we make life happy and fulfilling again? I felt my questions were answer here in this scene. “Be exquisite about the process”, and , “entirely receive the joy brought to you by the process”.  It sounds so simple, beautiful and peaceful. No guilt, no shame, no disappointments, just pure concentration and focus with good intent on what you are doing. Life should be this simple.

In other words, be tedious and serious about what you’re doing but relax and enjoy what it  has to offer. DON’T FOCUS ON WINNING (succeeding). In fact everyone’s success is different. You will probably get more of what you want, more often, when you truly enjoy what you are doing. As long as you’re happy, it’s a win, win situation.

Grateful to God for this inspiration. Thank you.

Love Yourself

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Reminder to love ME.
~ Inspiration from
Title: Come Home Love, 愛.回家 – Ep 722
Genre: Sitcom


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“Simplicity, is a blessing.”
~ Inspiration from
Title: Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain, 寒山潛龍
Genre: Period drama

When facing problems: EQ vs IQ

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~ Inspiration from
Title: Incisive Great Teacher, 犀利仁师
Genre: Period drama, romance, school, comedy

The battle of EQ (emotional intelligence ) vs IQ (intelligence). This little scene really put things into perspective for me. I tend to be very emotional especially in a crisis. Ok, in general I am very emotional. I scream and shout but only with my close loved ones because i know they are the ones who will tolerate my foolishness and still love me. None the less these minor issues can put a strain on my most valued relationship.

Minor argument like, “you said this” and “no you said that.” would boil up to explosions of tears in a few moments. Daily emotional drama surface out of the blue. One second ago you were happy and cherry but because you swear that guys looks like so and so but the other person says that person is someone else. Obviously they’re wrong and they would never admit they’re wrong!!! This stupidity could go on and on.

Fact is, we never intended to fight and the topic at hand was insignificant. We were both immersed in our own emotions and past failures to communicate. We never thought beyond what we felt and stayed locked within our own emotions. We never used our logic to look at why we are behaving in such a way without being judgmental of each other, everything just boils up within seconds into the conversation. This was the problem.

This comical scene let me know how silly we were, behaving like monkeys focusing only on our frustrations. We have the ability to rationally and intelligently solve whatever problems that came our way, we just needed to activate it. Although this is easier said then done for those of us with low EQ but knowing our weakness and having the willingness to accept it is a good start. Practicing our IQ in time of conflict or troubled times, we will slowing increase our EQ and IQ.

Legs vs Heart

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“How far a person can go in a lifetime is not up to one’s legs but up to one’s heart.”
~ Inspiration from
Title: Sound of the Desert, 風中奇緣
Genre: Period drama, romance

This quote is a great reminder that external things are not the barriers to our success. Although we are much more fortunate then the crippled character in this drama we often have many hidden physical and mental weaknesses not far from him. We can take the advice from the girl above and learn to use our hearts desire and passion to overcome them. Believe and keep on believing in ourselves in order to reach our goals.

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