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“I never look at the person…even Paul, Moses make mistakes. Even the smartest person make mistakes….”

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~ Fancy W.

Today my friend made me notice the high expectations and images of those I look up to. I didn’t know I put them in such an unreachable place. As if they shouldn’t make certain mistakes, they know better. They are morally higher then the mistakes they make. I would get confused and wonder why when mistakes happen. As I write this, I feel how silly my thoughts are and that I should know better but never realized it. I learned something new about myself today.

Am I lowering myself and idealizing these people? Or are they my excuse to do bad when I see them mess up? I guess when I am looking up to others as models I forget they are humans. They are not any better then me. We all are just people with different experiences and decisions to make. Sometime we do better then other times. There’s not one person in this world who hasn’t made a mistake or is immune to mistakes.

Reminder to self: The people who I look up to cannot be responsible for the decision I make. I take full responsibility for my own mistakes in life. I can choose the good over the bad influences that effects me.

Heart vs Road width

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How wide the heart is, how wide the rode.

How wide the heart is , how wide the road
~ Inspiration from
Title: Rear Mirror, 載得有情人
Genre: Modern, Romance

Great visual inspiration! I would like to apply these words to my life. Learning to forgive others especially ones we love but hurt us the most will not be easy. The willingness to learn to forgive will heal a broken heart and open one’s road to endless positive possibilities :). I hope you will do the same for your own benefit.

The more forgiving our heart is the more opportunities we receive. Forgiving others favors us more than anyone else. The smart choice is to forgive rather than hold on. Holding on hurts us and limits our perspectives narrowing our possibilities in life.

Effort can become ability

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Remember, effort can become ability

The girl in the picture has failed a physical exam which is the prerequisite to her dream job. With her family against her, she is ready to quit and give up. With a friend’s help and training she is encouraged and determined to succeed. I don’t have odds against me like her but I admit I can be pretty lazy, undetermined and can have very low confidence just like her. This is a great constant reminder to keep making effort. Even the worst can become the best with persistent effort. 🙂

“Remember, effort can become ability”

~ Inspiration from
Title: Tomorrow Is Another Day, 再戰明天 – Ep 9
Genre: Crime Drama

The past is just a story we tell ourselves

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The past is just a story we tell ourselves.
~ Inspiration from
Title: Her
Genre: Movie

What do you mean it’s just a story we tell ourselves? Do you mean I don’t really exist? I am a very important person…to my parents….Important things happen in my life. Like that time when I score a big job and that time when I threw up in…What does an Operating System in a movie know about being human and all the emotions we go through anyways? It’s just an imaginary OS in a made up story, it doesn’t really exists. So dismissing and lacking of emotions. I didn’t know why these words stuck on my mind. I repeated them over and over in my head. The past is gone, it will never return. The future may never exist. The only true moment of existence is now, this very moment.

It sure sounded like a call for alarm to me. This and every moment is pushed to the top most priority! Not very logically of me. After a few deep breaths I slowed to think why I felt the way I do. Hearing these words made me feel the insignificance of my past, maybe even the insignificance of people. Often, I admit, I would repeat a past troubling event in my head like a tape stuck on rewind. Stubborn and aggressive. This artificially ups the importance of the past event. This quote stumped me. It hit me in the head hard, it pointed out the importance of not reinforcing  the past.

Whatever happened in the past is gone. The only way it can reach us is if we allow it. Our memories are unstable recollection and not the truth. Memories, good or bad, will fade with time. Those repeated thoughts of the past is just as intangible as the future. Letting the past go and living our lives with a clean slate each day is what we can do to improve tomorrow.

Pathology VS Psycology

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I recently discovered some health issues that could potentially be serious. Upon hearing this news I constantly worried and imagined the worst outcome. My moods dropped and fell short on sleep. My physical and mental discomfort went from a 2 to a 8. I nearly thought I would die soon. There were no confirmed results but I was already worn down.

The moment I saw this clip I had to snap it . Unlike what was portrayed in the pictures, “3 parts pathology, 7 parts psychology”, my situation was accurate in the negative spectrum. I realized having an illness was not the most impactful on my health but my emotional response to it was.

Worry and fear are natural human responses to a threatening situation. But these negative energy can dangerously warp our outlook and perspective on the situation. Forcing oneself to have a positive attitude might not be a first option, but will have far better benefits then yielding to natural instincts. Mind over matter takes some will power. In moments of darkness we do have a choice to shift to the light. We constantly need to make effort to push ourselves over these humps.

Keeping optimistic will lessen the stress impact on a weak body giving it a better chance at recovery. Stressing won’t heal anyone but will damage our will to fight for a better chance of survival. Keep your chin up, let God handle it.

“3 parts pathology, 7 parts psychology”

~ Inspiration from
Title: Rear Mirror, 載得有情人 – Ep 11
Genre: Modern Romance

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