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Gratitude: Happy Mother’s day!

April 30th, 2014 § 0 comments


I didn’t really understand most of the Chinese characters in this cartoon when I saw it in the drama. I just knew the people were not happy yet they show a happy face to their loved ones. After translating the dialogue I realized parents are just an older version of us. They are susceptible to sadness, failures, hardship just like us. In a family crisis they have to muster all their courage and sanity to take care of the situation and take care of our feelings and daily needs. This responsibility starts the moment we are born until the end of their life. It’s not something everyone can live by, so thank you parents! Especially single parents, thank you to my dearest mother.

~ Inspiration from
Title: Swipe Tap Love, 愛我請留言
Genre: Romance drama

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