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Ignorance Makes a Simple Task Seem Insurmountable

July 26th, 2010 § 0 comments


@ Bathroom 2am

I wanted to improve the water in my shower so I went and bought a GE SmartWater screw on water filter from Home Depot. It was a hot day, almost 100 degrees. With two wrenches in my hands, I stood on the slippery tub attempting to unscrew the area highlighted in red of the shower. After multiple failed attempts my heart started beating crazily from the heat and distress. I started to sweat with frustration. I gave up. The filter sat on the bathroom floor for more then a month.

One night, 2 AM, I had a tummy ache. I pooped and voilà, as I stared at the floor where the filter and diagram lay, a solution came to me. Instead of unscrewing the red area I could unscrew the area in green which ended up only requiring my bare hands. I tested my theory and the filter was installed and ready to use in less then 5 minutes. You could literally say in Chinese “茅室頓開” :). It was so easy I felt a little silly why I hadn’t thought of it in the first place. In moments of difficulties we become blinded and lost.

Installing a shower filter is by far the hardest thing I had dealt with. For me this was a great reminder that procrastination and laziness hinders my progress in accomplishing goals, but road blocks of the unknown stops my progress in accomplishing simple tasks.

Remember: After you gave it your best and you feel helpless, unable to solve something, let it be, be patient, don’t worry and one day a solution will come to you when you least expect it. Everything has it’s time.

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