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Life is full of hope

July 2nd, 2014 § 0 comments


有最壞打算並非不好, 但人生應該充滿希望
Having a plan for the worst is not bad, but life should be full of hope

~ Inspiration from
Title: The Ultimate Addiction, 點金勝手 – Ep 22
Genre: Drama

Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our efforts to prevent the worst things from happening in our lives we tend to picture life in the worst possible way. A plan can help prevent and ease some bad situation but a plan is only a plan.

Your worst scenarios:

  • May be just as bad as we imagined it.
  • May not be as bad as we imagined it.
  • May never happen.

These are only a few possibilities. Anticipate the worst and  hope for the best. Best things or worst things will happen to those who believe. Which would you rather believe and chase after?

This quote is a major reminder for me to focus on the better side of life. I live with a “plan for the worst” in mind but desperately hope for the better. This conflict between lack of faith and wanting to have faith kept me from truly having peace and happiness. Once in a while quotes like this one builds me up and keep me back on track. I am grateful for its existence.


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