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Pathology VS Psycology

September 26th, 2014 § 0 comments

I recently discovered some health issues that could potentially be serious. Upon hearing this news I constantly worried and imagined the worst outcome. My moods dropped and fell short on sleep. My physical and mental discomfort went from a 2 to a 8. I nearly thought I would die soon. There were no confirmed results but I was already worn down.

The moment I saw this clip I had to snap it . Unlike what was portrayed in the pictures, “3 parts pathology, 7 parts psychology”, my situation was accurate in the negative spectrum. I realized having an illness was not the most impactful on my health but my emotional response to it was.

Worry and fear are natural human responses to a threatening situation. But these negative energy can dangerously warp our outlook and perspective on the situation. Forcing oneself to have a positive attitude might not be a first option, but will have far better benefits then yielding to natural instincts. Mind over matter takes some will power. In moments of darkness we do have a choice to shift to the light. We constantly need to make effort to push ourselves over these humps.

Keeping optimistic will lessen the stress impact on a weak body giving it a better chance at recovery. Stressing won’t heal anyone but will damage our will to fight for a better chance of survival. Keep your chin up, let God handle it.

“3 parts pathology, 7 parts psychology”

~ Inspiration from
Title: Rear Mirror, 載得有情人 – Ep 11
Genre: Modern Romance

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