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Persistance prevails: Two budding buddha palm squash

September 9th, 2013 § 0 comments

Ever since I can recall my mom has always tried to grow and fruit the Buddha palm squash. These sensitive plants usually do not fruit the first year.  Every year for more than 10 years she tried to nurture these plants. She would care for it and water it meticulously. Blankets would be used in cold winter nights and uncovered in the day. Day by day she would care for it as if it were a child. One way or another it would always die within the first or second year without fruiting. I concluded a long time ago that this plant will not fruit for her. Today, amazingly, her two-year old plant sprout two beautiful babies. I’m overjoyed for her triumph. Hopefully they will grow big and yummy for me to eat…hahaha.

Reminder to self: If you want something, never give up, persistence, patience and tender loving care will always prevail.

Two budding buddha palm squash

9/9/2013 @Garden, Two budding buddha palm squash


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