Scrap fabric challenge: DIY vintage summer top

August 2nd, 2013 § 0 comments

Making Pattern C


  • Fold the body (A&B) in half and fold your garment in half. Line it up with the body and mark the 3 points in red.
  • Take the model garment and lay it, as flat as you can, on top of a piece of thick stock paper. I used a thicker ad magazine page (always reuse/recycle).
  • Use weights to hold the garment in place.
  • Using a pin poke holes along the edges of the sleeves, front neck hole and back neck hole. I’ve shown it with pins sticking in the garment so you get the idea where to poke.
  • Connect the dots.
  • Cut the back neck out and tape it back loosely so you can use one pattern for both the front and back.
  • Line the paper pattern with the 3 red dots and trace.
  • Cut sleeve holes and the shoulder slants. DO NOT CUT THE NECK HOLES YET.

You don’t need to worry about the length of the body since it’s already done.

Cutting neck holes

I altered the round neck to a v-neck after the photos were taken. I thought the straight pattern suits this top more than the round neck and the straightness makes it a lot easier to sew.
Scrap fabric challenge: DIY vintage summer top

At this point plan out the rest of patterns. Here I’ve place loose pieces that would approximately fit pattern D & E.
Scrap fabric challenge: DIY vintage summer top

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