Playing with Apps: PhotoEdit and Instagram

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Blue loves it when I give him all my crap. I am a lucky girl.

Some sing, some read, some play video games and others, well…who knows what they do while taking care of business. Me, I played with Apps today. I have to admit it was fun, productive and entertaining . Ewww… my image on the web is ruined!!! In any case, if your interested, I used PhotoEdit first to crop, draw and add the text onto my photo. The text and image options were very limited but easy to use. Then I added an Instagram filter ‘Walden’ on top.

Now that you’ve manage to forget about my “creative crap” for a second, I hope you will discover fun filled joys in unexpected places.

Maximize Your Potentials

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Doodle of what I've been neglecting

My doodle of the day: What have I been neglecting?

Don’t waste your youth, your talent, your health, and your possessions. Whatever belongs to you don’t let it sit in cobwebs. Maximize it to it’s fullness in potentials. Enjoy and treasure what you have.


Learning to Read and Write Chinese: 哥哥

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My first impression of my elder brother

My first impression of my elder brother

哥哥 gē gē, elder brother
妹妹 mèi mèi, younger sister

Dear 哥哥,

My long lost brother. I have finally found you. I’ve always wanted to call you 哥哥 and now finally I can hear you responding to me. Words can not express my feelings for you. Although I don’t know you, I respect and honor you. Although I didn’t grow up with you, I love and look up to you. My heart has always wished to grow up with you and spend all those lost moments and years with you. Even though we’ve been apart I believe our hearts will mend the past and make beautiful memories from this moment on. I hope you will share your sweetness, sourness, bitterness, spiciness in life with me. Distance will not keep my heart from always being with you and supporting you.

Love Always,
Your 妹妹

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