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Tame baby hair with a bandana

June 25th, 2013 § 0 comments

For those of you, like me, who have disobedient course and STIFF hair, you can fix those nasty cow licks and spiky baby hair with no hair products or heat. I tried many ways including a cap to hold my hair down, it left a ring around my head that was not any flattering then my hair sticking straight up.  I was daydreaming a way to make my hair stay down naturally. I knew wet hair behaves well and if I could hold it down in place after it dries then everything would be perfect. I recalled, usually after I took my head band off of wet hair, my hair would become more stubborn and no amount of effort would make it flat again until the next shower. What if I used a big head band over wet flat hair? Would my hair stay in place then? I didn’t have a huge head band so I experimented with a t-shirt. It worked pretty good with exceptions to the long drying time. Hence I used a piece of large thin cloth, a bandana, I bought at Daiso for a few dollars. The bandana worked perfectly with quick drying time.

Bandanna or large piece of square fabric
Hair clip
Hair dryer (Not heat option, you can just leave the bandana on until your hair dries)

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