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To love is…

June 10th, 2014 § 0 comments

I went to a seminar over the weekend about marriage and relationships that made me discover a little part of myself. In the seminar the speaker often talks about relationships and how your original family has deep rooted influences that is buried within. Sometimes those unresolved issues are extra magnified when you find the one you love. Whatever that was unfulfilled are like debts and these debts are massively increased in expectations in front of the ones you love. If these expectations are not met, the deep set wounds that exists will intensified into multiple folds. What’s worse is it can be past down each generation. What can we do to remedy this???

In my past experience I always felt the ones I loved the most brought the worst out of me because I have such intense feelings for them and want them to think of me as the special one and only. Each time I wanted to get closer or when my feelings grew for the one I admired it made everything little thing seem like a big deal. Getting into a relationship was dangerously emotional as the speaker describes. Although I was not able to digest everything that was spoken to me, I thought this was worth remembering and sharing.

“To love is to bring out the best in each other” ~Wei-Jen Huang

Perhaps this is not a solution to all our problems and fears but we can keep it to heart and choose to “bring out the best in each other” and not the “worst in each other”. Then just maybe, we can relax, enjoy and value each other in a different light.


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