Henna Preparation Series: Save Time & Money, 1 box of henna 4-9 Application

January 20th, 2018 § 0 comments

I’ve been using Light Mountain’s 4oz Henna in Red consistently for the past few years and loving it.

The Reason Why I Love Light Mountain’s Red Henna

  • A non-toxic way to color hair
  • It’s organic
  • 100% henna, nothing added.
  • Available at my local health food store.

My whites and greys are very stubborn and will only take in henna color. I have experimented with other henna color combinations but have gravitated towards simply using 100% henna on my hair. It’s a lot easier. For those who used henna often will know preparing henna takes lots of time and buying organic henna over time will cost a lot of money. I have prepared a video series, “Henna Prep Series”, to show you my perfected approach to preparing henna and splitting & storing color released henna for multiple uses at any time I wish. This approach is great for small rush job touch ups or color full head. There’s no preparation or cleanup after the initial preparation. I will show you how I have stretched every box of organic henna to save money and time.

Part 1: Easy henna preparation with minimal clean up

Part 2: How to Store 1 Box of Henna for 4-9 Application

Check back again, Video coming soon

Part 3: How I Choose Henna

Check back again, Video coming soon

What are your tips to preparing henna? Comment below. Enjoy!


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