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Your happiness, to your family, is a blessing

February 5th, 2017 § 0 comments

Being Asian, parent’s expectations are like big rocks crushing and squeezing you of your last breath. My parents, especially my mom, make me feel like I am never good enough. There’s always something I did wrong or I should have done better. She nearly drives me crazy.

“Your happiness, to your family, is a blessing”, I didn’t realize that all the nagging and dissatisfaction from parents was just a simple wish of happiness for me. All this hassling was only a wish for me to become a decent human, to do what’s right and to step on the smoothest path so I don’t get hurt. Being free of worries and sorrows is all they wanted for me. What a great perspective to take. Almost all arguments would melted away with this thought.

This reminder is like proper permission from parents to enjoy life. This permission is a relief from all the weight lifted off my shoulder.

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Sorry I don’t remember which drama I got this from. If I find it again. I will update.
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