Pathology VS Psycology

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I recently discovered some health issues that could potentially be serious. Upon hearing this news I constantly worried and imagined the worst outcome. My moods dropped and fell short on sleep. My physical and mental discomfort went from a 2 to a 8. I nearly thought I would die soon. There were no confirmed results but I was already worn down.

The moment I saw this clip I had to snap it . Unlike what was portrayed in the pictures, “3 parts pathology, 7 parts psychology”, my situation was accurate in the negative spectrum. I realized having an illness was not the most impactful on my health but my emotional response to it was.

Worry and fear are natural human responses to a threatening situation. But these negative energy can dangerously warp our outlook and perspective on the situation. Forcing oneself to have a positive attitude might not be a first option, but will have far better benefits then yielding to natural instincts. Mind over matter takes some will power. In moments of darkness we do have a choice to shift to the light. We constantly need to make effort to push ourselves over these humps.

Keeping optimistic will lessen the stress impact on a weak body giving it a better chance at recovery. Stressing won’t heal anyone but will damage our will to fight for a better chance of survival. Keep your chin up, let God handle it.

“3 parts pathology, 7 parts psychology”

~ Inspiration from
Title: Rear Mirror, 載得有情人 – Ep 11
Genre: Modern Romance

Power of prayer

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Last night my burdens fell so heavily on my shoulders that I physically felt the pain. It felt like I had a hard time breathing and my head started to hurt. I would always lingered in this pool of disparity in the past. I dug myself deep ditches of sorrow to make sure I wouldn’t have an escape route. Yes, what a gloomy person, I agree.

Last night I decided to put my worries in prayer. I am not an organized eloquent speaker and my thoughts are scattered with worries and fears that I do not comprehend. I never knew how to clearly verbalized my fears to God and yet I expect to be comfort and my problems solved.

For the first time I was directly asking for what I needed, peace. For the first time I truly felt the peace instantly after my prayer. And For the first time I felt the Holy Spirit’s guidance that helped me clearly communicate with God and He answered my prayer in an instant. Thank you, God, you are amazing.

Replace negative thoughts rather than resisting them

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I recently had an experience which made me realized the more I fought a feeling, the more it controlled me. I was subsiding my emotions for my own reasons. When I thought I finally had it under control, it suddenly surface in the least expect time and place. My mind was blank and I was not my self, tears just overflowed.
From this experience I learned I needed to be true to my emotions and sometimes needed to release it without worrying about its outcome. One friend told me not to apologize for my emotion, they are part of me, the real me. People who value you and cherish you will not forsake you. They will listen and be considerate of you. As for those who mistreat or think badly of you, it’s really not your doing. It’s their thoughts and actions which are not your responsibilities. We are each responsible for our own actions and thoughts. Their evil thoughts about you does not equal you are evil. Their thoughts stem from within in their own creation. Then how could we overcome what bother us? Today I read the following, it turned a light on for me.

“Replace negative thoughts rather than resisting them. Whatever you resist, persists. The more you fight a feeling, the more it controls you. The secret of victory over any temptation is simply to change the channel of your mind. Refocus your attention on some-thing else, and the temptation immediately loses its power over you.”
~ The Daniel Plan, page 26

Refocus! What a powerful switch that flips and transforms our thoughts. Instead of focusing on the broken glass, focus on the beautiful sparkles that broken glass creates ^_^

Persistance prevails: Two budding buddha palm squash

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Ever since I can recall my mom has always tried to grow and fruit the Buddha palm squash. These sensitive plants usually do not fruit the first year.  Every year for more than 10 years she tried to nurture these plants. She would care for it and water it meticulously. Blankets would be used in cold winter nights and uncovered in the day. Day by day she would care for it as if it were a child. One way or another it would always die within the first or second year without fruiting. I concluded a long time ago that this plant will not fruit for her. Today, amazingly, her two-year old plant sprout two beautiful babies. I’m overjoyed for her triumph. Hopefully they will grow big and yummy for me to eat…hahaha.

Reminder to self: If you want something, never give up, persistence, patience and tender loving care will always prevail.

Two budding buddha palm squash

9/9/2013 @Garden, Two budding buddha palm squash

Unsettling heart VS Mom

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2 am, I am tossing and turning with the fan on. I couldn’t sleep not because of the heat but because of an unsettled feeling.  I haven’t had this feeling for a while. I tip toed barefoot down the cool hall way floors and slip into my mom’s bed wanting some comfort as she is snoring like a babe. I wonder how she does it? How she is able to sleep so soundly and effortlessly? I hug her foot and tried to sleep. Her fan stops and my heart flutters more, this uneasiness was just not settling. I could no longer find the peace and comfort in her presence as I always did. Why? Have I grown too old and become too worldly? I slowly slipped away again and she stirs, “Leaving because the fan’s off?” she mumbles in her sleep. I respond pathetically not wanting to disturb her further, “Yeah….”, but then I manage what was almost a whisper, “…my heart feels unsettled for some reason? I don’t know what influenced my distress?” as I tracked my way back to my room. She muffled, “Settled or not settled heart…sleep first.”  Sheepishly I agreed,”Okay I’ll try….” and bam I was asleep. How amazing was that? Mom is powerful even as an adult.

Reminder: There’s a time for everything, night-time is for sleep and nothing else. Worrying won’t help or change anything.

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