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Unsettling heart VS Mom

July 3rd, 2013 § 0 comments

2 am, I am tossing and turning with the fan on. I couldn’t sleep not because of the heat but because of an unsettled feeling.  I haven’t had this feeling for a while. I tip toed barefoot down the cool hall way floors and slip into my mom’s bed wanting some comfort as she is snoring like a babe. I wonder how she does it? How she is able to sleep so soundly and effortlessly? I hug her foot and tried to sleep. Her fan stops and my heart flutters more, this uneasiness was just not settling. I could no longer find the peace and comfort in her presence as I always did. Why? Have I grown too old and become too worldly? I slowly slipped away again and she stirs, “Leaving because the fan’s off?” she mumbles in her sleep. I respond pathetically not wanting to disturb her further, “Yeah….”, but then I manage what was almost a whisper, “…my heart feels unsettled for some reason? I don’t know what influenced my distress?” as I tracked my way back to my room. She muffled, “Settled or not settled heart…sleep first.”  Sheepishly I agreed,”Okay I’ll try….” and bam I was asleep. How amazing was that? Mom is powerful even as an adult.

Reminder: There’s a time for everything, night-time is for sleep and nothing else. Worrying won’t help or change anything.


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