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Learning Chinese: There’s only one way to beat low self esteem

December 3rd, 2013 § 0 comments



“The only way to overcome self inferiority, is to strive for self-improvement. Do not in any circumstances look down on yourself in advance before others have not even considered to look down upon you.”

~ Inspiration from
Title: 女相 / Nv Xiang, Female Prime Minister – Ep 45, TV version
Genre: Period drama, romance

By being aware of how we can be our own worst critic, we can diminish or eliminate unsettled internal battles.

自強 zì qiáng, strive to become stronger / strive for self-improvement

Focus on improving your weakness for yourself, not for others. Creating lowly thoughts about oneself that were of nonexistence in other’s minds, is in fact, self-abuse. Love yourself, make yourself into the person you’d be proud of.

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