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Love every PART of yourself

April 8th, 2014 § 0 comments

Love every PART of yourself

Others hurt us but we have a choice not to continue hurting ourselves. I’ve always known a long time ago I needed to learn to love myself first before I can love others. This short dialogue between child and adult made me realize how simple it is to love oneself. Personifying our body parts taught this child, as well as the adult (me), to understand the things we do directly damages ourselves. Every part of us deserves to be loved and treated with respect and cared as our closest family and friends.

If you were a body part within yourself, who would you least like to be and most like to be?  What would you have to say about the relationship between the two of you? Would you like yourself?  Are you forced to work over your capacity 24/7 with no rest, day after endless day? How long would you last without striking back or falling ill? If I were my eyes I would want a replacement and quit right now! Learn to look at things from “their” position and what “they” have to endure. When we are overworked or unhappy our bodies becomes unhealthy and fall sick. We directly effected and influenced by ourselves more than anyone else. Love is a two-way street, take care of “them” and “they” will love and protect you a 100 times more. Don’t just “love yourself” but “love every PART of yourself”.

~ Inspiration from
Title: Swipe Tap Love, 愛我請留言 – Ep 04
Genre: Romance drama


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