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Panic Attack

January 19th, 2010 § 0 comments

Have you ever had one of those moments? You are feeling  fine, happy, mellow. Then, Wham! It hits you in the middle of the night. You are all alone in the dark… knitting, in my case :p. I started to wonder where my life is headed. Thoughts quickly spirals from one to another, thoughts that didn’t go anywhere but down. I looked on chat to see if I can talk to a friend, none. I pick up the cellphone, no batteries…and no charger ( I forgot it at home and I am at my rental room)…Aiya… so sad. I turn on my favorite Chinese drama online where it’s been stuck at a stand still for the past hour, it starts to plays to my surprise. The characters continued the scene. A chubby man and a cute lady were locked in a cellar by accident. The woman, scared crazy, was screaming madly for help. The chubby man speaks with a gentle robust voice (I’ll try to translate as best as I can), “A lot of times we seek out trouble. Sometimes we can not think through our thoughts. Then stop, don’t think, sleep and when awaken, think again.” He was like a Zen master who knew exactly what I was feeling at the moment. Although the movie scene was a bit disconnected, it spoke to me directly. “Problems will always come and go, just don’t dwell on it when you can’t solve it right away, take time, be patient, and slowly they will be solved”, that’s what translated to me when I heard him speak.

Being laid off many times left me stressed out with insomnia for the past 2 year. Even with a job I couldn’t sleep sometimes. It was odd how a few words at the right moment can settle storms within. In least expected places, minute things and words are surrounding, comforting and encouraging us. Pay attention to them, hold on to them, and use them to your advantage. I took his advice and slept like a baby last night.

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