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Power of prayer

February 11th, 2014 § 0 comments § permalink

Last night my burdens fell so heavily on my shoulders that I physically felt the pain. It felt like I had a hard time breathing and my head started to hurt. I would always lingered in this pool of disparity in the past. I dug myself deep ditches of sorrow to make sure I wouldn’t have an escape route. Yes, what a gloomy person, I agree.

Last night I decided to put my worries in prayer. I am not an organized eloquent speaker and my thoughts are scattered with worries and fears that I do not comprehend. I never knew how to clearly verbalized my fears to God and yet I expect to be comfort and my problems solved.

For the first time I was directly asking for what I needed, peace. For the first time I truly felt the peace instantly after my prayer. And For the first time I felt the Holy Spirit’s guidance that helped me clearly communicate with God and He answered my prayer in an instant. Thank you, God, you are amazing.

To Share or Not to Share?

August 11th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

Today I shared one of the most personal things in my life with practically strangers at a new church fellowship. For most of my life I have kept these things in my heart. Sometimes it felt like a lock or a heavy load weighing on my heart and squishing all the air out of me. I struggled for so long and pondered during sleepless nights on how I can rid myself of what’s been kept away for ages. Natural timing is my excuse but it was probably more out of lack of thinking and the desperate need to release the recent added pressure. I probably should have also stopped before details came out but… it felt so liberating to let it out without thinking of the consequences. Sometimes that’s all one needs, someone to listen without judging. It’s not often we can find such good friend but then there is always God.

Reminder: No one needs to feel these burdens. God doesn’t Judge. Dump everything onto Him. God is always there listening. Talk to Him and He will always listen.

Persistent Prayers

October 18th, 2009 § 0 comments § permalink

“God answers prayers not because we are his friends, God answers prayers because we persist. Wrestle with God until he blesses you. Ask, ask, ask and pray, pray, pray until he gives his blessing!”

~Today’s Pastor

I never knew prayer could be so aggressive. Although God provides all, you still have to wrestle with Him and ask persistently for what you want. You have to really want what you ask for and not just hope you’ll get it somehow. Be determined in your efforts and in all you do. With strength and faith as strong as a wrestler refusing to loose a match, one day, you will get what you want. Do not be timid to ask for what you want.

Fight for your happiness with persistence!

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