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Power of prayer

February 11th, 2014 § 0 comments

Last night my burdens fell so heavily on my shoulders that I physically felt the pain. It felt like I had a hard time breathing and my head started to hurt. I would always lingered in this pool of disparity in the past. I dug myself deep ditches of sorrow to make sure I wouldn’t have an escape route. Yes, what a gloomy person, I agree.

Last night I decided to put my worries in prayer. I am not an organized eloquent speaker and my thoughts are scattered with worries and fears that I do not comprehend. I never knew how to clearly verbalized my fears to God and yet I expect to be comfort and my problems solved.

For the first time I was directly asking for what I needed, peace. For the first time I truly felt the peace instantly after my prayer. And For the first time I felt the Holy Spirit’s guidance that helped me clearly communicate with God and He answered my prayer in an instant. Thank you, God, you are amazing.


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